Data Integrity When Using Disparate Systems – Challenges and Solutions A CRO Case Study Sina Adibi, CEO, Adaptive Clinical Systems.

What are the major challenges facing research organizations today? Every company is a digital company trying to keep up. Every day new tools and solutions become available. Increasingly complex study protocols, ePRO and wearables add to the data deluge. Increasing sponsor involvement, more stringent privacy demands from regulators and patients, and too many unconnected solutions can result in high error rates, inconsistent audit logs, and needs to reduce time and labor – doing more with less.

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TRENDS REPORT: Insights for Insiders - What to watch in 2019.

With the help of Forbes, Frost & Sullivan and a few other healthcare sources, we’re looking ahead to 2019 and sharing some top trends for healthcare. Looking back to 2018, it was an exciting year in the clinical trials industry. We have seen many changes in patient connectivity and information exchange as well as digital health and AI implementation. The well-established fields of quality, risk management, and vendor oversight are moving cautiously into analytics. As we enter 2019, we discuss new trends that will continue to not only impact our businesses but will continue to shape the industry. Let’s get started.

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Thinking about a new data integration strategy for your clinical trial? Read this first.

Today, state of the art is to achieve interoperability. Even industries that were ahead of us in integration are now struggling with advancing to true interoperability. Whether you are new to interoperability or currently considering partners for your integration strategy, CitiusTech and Adaptive-Clinical Systems can help guide your journey.

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Understanding the Future of Data Interoperability for Clinical Trial Excellence

Presented by Sina Adibi, CEO of Adaptive Clinical Systems,  as presented at 2018 Clinical Trial Innovation Summit

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CTIS presentation photo

OmniComm Systems, Inc, a leading global provider of clinical data management technology, today announced a partnership with Adaptive Clinical Systems to offer EDC integration platform. Read more here.

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A State of the Union Report on the ICH E6 R2 Addendum

Having passed the one year mark since the placement of the installment of the ICH E6 R2 Addendum, we see additional clarity on risk identification and evaluation, risk control and review, risk monitoring and risk communication and reporting. Get an in-depth look at the results of this Addendum by registering to download this insightful white paper below.

Key takeaways:

  • Regulatory guidelines which impact risk management and monitoring
  • Challenges faced in individual phases
  • How data aggregation and interoperability can build efficiency?
  • Advantages of having integrated workflow

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The ICH E6 R2 Addendum - a State of the Union Report

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Build or Buy? It’s not as easy as it used to be.

Going beyond the Simple Cost Comparison When Determining Whether to
Build or Buy Your Next Technology Solution

Today every company is a digital company. Rapidly evolving technology, new business models, regulatory uncertainty and changing payment models, combined with stringent demands from regulators and customers make build versus buy decisions critical and of major strategic importance, far beyond a simple cost comparison.  Register to download this free white paper and gain some strategic insight on best practices for development decision-making, before you build or buy.

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Build or Buy? It’s not as easy as it used to be.

This Webinar was held on Tuesday, April 4, 2017  |  2:00 – 3:00 PM EST

When is it advantageous to build your own solution, rather than trust a supplier partner that makes it their business to stay on the cutting edge of technology?  Click the button above to request a free download of our webinar (recorded on April 4, 2017), which addresses this question and more.  It's completely free and could help you significantly improve the way you address build versus buy decisions in your clinical trial operation.

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Learn How the Integration-Platform-as-a-Service Model is Rapidly Growing and Disrupting the Traditional Clinical Trail Operation Model

Read about the growth in popularity and usage of cloud applications to help business operations run smoother, more efficiently. We first describe the anatomy of iPaaS and then share how this technology helps streamline the complex technology ecosystems that are employed in the conduct of Clinical Trials. Learn how well-constructed and validated iPaaS platforms can allow clinical operations data management to move from simple “Integration” to true “Interoperability” -- a catalyst for improved patient care and safety through real-time clinical data workflow.

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Best Practices in Integrating Electronic Medical Records with Clinical Trials

Why not make clinical trials more efficient?

You're facing ever-greater challenges with interoperability  Whether its getting yourclinical trials up and running in a timely manner or meeting the regulatory demands of investigators, it’s vital to the success of your operation to optimize your data integration. We can help!

Discover how easy it is to leverage a cloud based system that can be implemented quickly without burdening your IT resources - a platform designed to not leave you stranded with IT infrastructure - a solution that truly makes clinical trials more accurate and efficient.

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Integrating Systems to Improve Patient Safety, Data Accuracy, and Clinical Trial Interoperability

 A leading managed care facility had recently migrated to a new pharmacy management system, FrameworkLTC.  The facility’s EMR platform, PointClickCare, did not provide a means to easily integrate prescription medication changes from FrameworkLTC, nor did the pharmacy management system have a mechanism to efficiently manage clinical trial interoperability.   Adaptive Clinical’s solution provided the interoperability to eliminate the time, cost, and risk of manual data reentry.  learn more…

Association Integrates Medical Imaging Clinical Trials Technology,
Leveraging Existing Investments, Reducing Costs, and Generating New Revenue

 A medical association with limited staff wanted to launch a CRO service to increase revenues and better serve its members.  The organization had already developed a proprietary medical imaging system and had implemented off-the-shelf technology for CTMS and medical imaging analytics.  Trying to use its tools to provide the new service turned out to be cumbersome, costly, inefficient, and error-prone. Adaptive Clinical's connectors enabled them to leverage their investments in clinical trials technology, improving their clinical trial interoperability, data accuracy and quality.  learn more...


About the Adaptive eClinical Bus® Solution

Our eClinical Bus Solution is a secure, validated, compliant (FDA CFR 21 Part 11 and GxP), and cost-effective solution for clinical data integration – specifically designed to improve the way EHR and EMR systems communicate with each other to save you time and money.

Our software helps:

  • Eliminate duplication of data by capturing and transmitting electronic source data
  • Auto-populate electronic study forms from EHRs
  • Reduce transcription errors and improve the quality of data
  • Encourage entering source data at the point of care
  • Facilitate remote monitoring of data to reduce the number of onsite visits
  • Improve site monitoring to minimize the need for cross-reference data in multiple sources
  • Make it easier for investigators to conduct clinical research
  • Facilitate the inspection and reconstruction of clinical investigations by FDA

Discover how to easily improve the efficiency of your clinical trials, from shortened setup times to streamlined process improvements. Click here to learn more or contact us today.