The Pursuit of Interoperability within Today’s Clinical Trials – A White Paper from Adaptive Clinical

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white paperThe best conducted clinical trials are well prepared in advanced. We thought we would share some key tenants as to what foundation was needed for a successful clinical trial.

In our new white paper titled: The Pursuit of Interoperability within Today’s Clinical Trials” we discuss how well-organized, clearly-defined, thoroughly documented, and easily-accessible data contribute significantly towards the success of a drug or device trial in all stages of development.

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Adaptive Clinical Systems offers a unique, simple, secure, validated, compliant, and cost-effective innovative solution for clinical data integration and interoperability. The cloud-based innovative Adaptive eClinical Bus® solution integrates clinical study data from multiple systems and platforms — EDC, eCOA, CTMS, Medical Imaging, IRT, analytical/data visualization systems and others — to ensure accurate and efficient transfer of clinical data for any study of any complexity while going well beyond simple and difficult to scale integration to full, real-time interoperability.

The award-winning Adaptive eClinical Bus software includes “connectors” for many leading clinical trial software tools from well-known vendors such as Omnicomm, Medidata, BioClinica, and Clinical Conductor to open source clinical trial tools such as OpenClinica and Clinovo. Connectors can also leverage internally-developed and proprietary systems and help customers retain their competitive edge. Adaptive Clinical’s eClinical Bus® can easily integrate technology into an interoperable, efficient, and accurate clinical trials system that streamlines processes and improves data reliability and offers the freedom to choose the best eClinical tools of any third-party or proprietary systems while enjoying all the benefits of a fully integrated system.

Key benefits of the Adaptive eClinical Bus include:

Fully Compliant and Secure Integration

  • Pre-existing connectors to over a dozen commercial and open source eClinical software products make study ramp-up a breeze
  • The secure Adaptive private cloud and hosting guarantees privacy and data security

Affordable Pricing

  • A pay-as-you-go subscription model allows you to lease capabilities and modules based on needs of a specific study protocol only when and for how long they are needed (weeks, months or years)
  • Adaptive’s scalable EDC is available at no cost when you license the eClinical Bus.

Full Training and Support

  • Training available directly from Adaptive Clinical as well as one of our current partners
  • 24/7 support


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