Why EHR Interoperability in Clinical Trials Keeps Getting Pushed Off

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EHR Intelligence

In a recent short article published by EHR Intelligence titled “CIOs Set to Channel Future Spending Toward EHR Optimization” the author opens with the revealing statement that “The industry-wide push for EHR adoption led to hasty EHR implementations which in turn have healthcare CIOs focused on EHR optimization efforts.”   In fact, approximately 40% of those surveyed by KPMG reported that to be their #1 priority over the next three years.

This explains why the Hospital research department’s needs (ie Clinical Trials) will be taking a back seat to other priorities if you were to rely on internal IT to get around to addressing them.  In a previous blog about the importance of cloud and, more relevant, cloud based iPaaS we discussed the non-intrusive ways that a research department can bring together meaningfull interoperability, leverage and codify internal clinical knowledge and be able to significantly reduce cost while assuring high data quality.  Each claim has been covered in a different webinar that you can get on this site.

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Read: CIOs Set to Channel Future Spending Toward EHR Optimization