Adaptive Clinical Data Bus – inline with major CRO’s aspirations

We wanted to share an interesting interview in Contract Pharma published March 17th, 2014 titled ‘IT Perspective in Clinical Trials’ by Kristin Brooks.  Kristin interviewed Raghu Chintala from ICON and I especially agree with his final comment.

Contract Pharma asked:

CP: How has conducting trials changed in the last three to five years as a result of e-clinical solutions?


Raghu’s answer: “The advent of e-clinical solutions has automated many of the manual processes that were in use before and which were sometimes prone to human error. Automation now spans the entire spectrum of clinical studies from feasibility through study conduct to electronic submissions of data and study reports to regulatory agencies. These solutions have led to increased quality of data and reduction in errors in the capture and correlation of the data.” (read more…)


Here at Adaptive Clinical we have successfully developed and released Version 2.0 of our Cloud-based integration data bus designed to be the universal data translation and transformation bridge between disparate systems.  This platform is designed for seamless data flow between a variety of Medical Imaging systems, EDC and CTMS are setup to automate such mission-critical processes.  The live and real-time exchange of data between these vital components enable our clients to:


  • Have an up-to-minute view of trial progress and data capture through live-link transfers of data.
  • Leverage their existing investments in technology thus avoiding major retraining and data migration expenses.
  • Deploy the best in breed technologies and as needed rather than be “trapped” in a single vendor environment where trade-offs are made as no single vendor excels in everything.
  • Inject meaningful business rules into the data transformation process to lessen the ongoing burden on Data Management and SME oversights of data.
  • Benefit from an external hosted bridge infrastructure that will not burden internal resource
  • Adaptive Clinical strives to address short comings by following a “data bus” approach as depicted