5 Tips to Make the Most of the DIA 2017 Annual Meeting

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In just a few short weeks, DIA 2017 will be here. This year’s theme “Driving Insights to Action” is sure to attract many clinical trial organizations seeking to collaborate and learn about the many tools and methods to improve the way they conduct clinical trials.

If you are like many organizations, you’re now at the point when you start thinking about how to make the most of your experience, and what are the key takeaways you would like to get from your time at the conference.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned attendee, here are 5 things you can do to make sure you get the most out of this year’s conference:

  1. Research Who Is Going
    Register early and reach out to your colleagues to find out who is going and what their plans are.  It’s likely that some are similarly in the process of planning their schedules and there may be ways to connect for some beneficial brainstorming and networking.  Following #OCTWestCoast on Twitter is an excellent way to find out who will be at this year’s event. Tweeting your plans to attend and getting involved in conversations ahead of time is a great way to make your presence known as well. You may also want to follow @DrugInfoAssn for live updates during the event.
  1. Plan Ahead and Know What are Must-SeesDIA 2017 provides the full conference program in advance, so it’s easy for you to build your personal session schedule before you head out to Chicago, IL. Take advantage of the agenda to decide on sessions that you would like to attend.  We even recommend organizing your schedule to identify, which sessions you don’t want to miss, which are negotiable, and which are more optional – depending on your mood and energy level.
  1. Come Prepared to Learn
    Preparation is key. Think of the questions you would like to have answered and don’t hesitate to ask them during the Q&A’s for the sessions you attend. If you don’t feel like asking your questions in front of an audience, you can have a chat with the speaker afterward.
  1. Come Prepared to Socialize
    Attending DIA 2017 isn’t only about attending sessions, it’s also about networking. More than 7,000 global health care professionals in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device communities from more than 51 countries are expected to attend the event, which leaves lots of opportunity for learning from peers. We highly recommend attending after parties to get advice, exchange ideas, and make those all-important connections with members of the clinical operations ecosystem.
  1. Be Quick to Share What You Learned
    Don’t wait to follow up until the conference is over. Use the momentum of the event and send follow-up emails and Linkedin requests while the conference is still fresh in people’s minds. Take notes on the business cards you collect so you don’t forget the most important points of discussion. Even better – use business card apps such as CamCard to store all of the information digitally.

In general, you get out what you put in.
Prepare in advance of DIA 2017 and you can be sure to leave with new insights, connections, or potential sales that will make it all worthwhile.


Going to DIA2017?  We’ll see you there!

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