3 Important Takeaways from DIA 2017

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As explained in our previous blog titled 5 Tips to Make the Most of the DIA 2017 Annual Meeting, it’s important to plan appropriately when aiming to utilize and benefit from the information gleaned at conferences like DIA 2017.  Just like the theme of this year’s show – Driving Insights into Action – we take such insights and turn into actionable “next steps” when we reflect on the interconnectedness and consistency of the messaging from both speakers and attendees alike.  Here are 3 takeaways from this impactful conference.

  1. The patient is priority. Several speakers discussed the challenges and opportunities around applying technologies to clinical trials that place the patient at the center of the overall solution.  This includes the process of caregiving as well.  As stated by Alicia Staley, Patient Advocate, Cure Forward, “it is inexcusable that my records are not automatically available across and within the same care provider’s network”.  Observed by Julian Jenkins of GSK, there are many advanced technology solutions already in existence within Pharma where data needs to connect in meaningful ways in order to better serve patients through clinical trials.


  2. Better data capture makes a big difference. Even among side-discussions between clinical trial organizations sharing their successes and challenges, it became clear that sites and site management organizations with the best data capture facility and service will excel.  This is particularly true and symptomatic of failures in patient recruitment.  Some trials require recruitment of the “impossible patient” with very complicated inclusion/ exclusion criteria.  Jeff James of Delaware Health declared that they had interoperability worked out 3 years ago across all of their sites and that they hit their patient recruitment targets 90% of the time.


  3. Regulatory compliance is converging internationally – and fast. International regulatory convergence is a growing trend and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is paying attention (They hinted on this in a 2013 presentation titled “FDA Perspective on International Clinical Trials).  This impacts cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that are subject to different regulations depending on the location of their customers, and not just their services.  Clearly looking towards the future, regulators are focusing on European privacy rules and the need to prepare in advance for security regulation changes. They also spoke on regulation harmonization, especially on the right to be forgotten and how to address it through technology.

Changes are coming, and more rapidly than ever before.  Stay open to insight, be prepared to take action, learn from your partners, and stay ahead of the curve.

Maybe you didn’t get the opportunity to attend DIA2017 – yet you’ve also seen trends that reflect the takeaways listed above. We’d be happy to share our insight and discuss how it applies to what we do best – help clinical trials organizations with their data interoperability.

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